7 Emerging WordPress Trends To Watch In 2021

Photoshop to WordPress Conversion Trends

You may realize that WordPress development is the most well-known Content Management System (CMS) in the market holding 35% of the complete accessible sites. With the headway of online innovation, WordPress has gone through innumerable updates and upgrades beginning from 2003. 

Furthermore, new things are probably going to continue to come later on. Pursuing the trends can be something imperative if you deal with a WordPress site. Yet, don’t go for what everybody is going for. Maybe, pursue the directions that are fundamental for your site. In case something is working for them, it doesn’t need to work for you as well. So be savvy. 

In case you are contemplating why pursue fundamental WordPress trends in 2021? Then, we will say, since it will assist you with choosing your best next move, keep your site refreshed by the trend, not to get backdated, and stay in the competition. 

So stay updated with the new helpful development or updates in WordPress and give a superior user experience. To assist you with it, here are the WordPress trends that might be fundamental for you to continue in 2021. 

WordPress Trends To Follow in 2021

Photoshop to WordPress conversion services and PSD to HTML Development Companies like Brain Stream can help with WordPress management, but if you want to do it on your own then follow these trends. 

Progressive web applications (PWA):

When browsing over the web we regularly face trouble in downloading the applications. We try a lot of times but can’t download it. To assist with this issue, the progressive web application can be an ideal answer for you. 

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PWA is one kind of software that is built by utilizing normal web technologies like HTML, CSS, and so forth. It gives a better user experience with quick loading time, higher adaptability, and better security. 

Chatbot Integration/Chat support:

Chatbots are broadly utilized on a wide range of sites in 2021. When somebody asks any query in the chatbot from the site, the bot quickly answers them. Chatbots can be utilized for various purposes, for example, administrative and customer support tasks. 

Chatbots can assist with improved customer care, click monitoring, catch leads, further develop user experience, and so on Thus, chatbots are an unquestionable requirement to have on your site. This is one of the top moving elements among WordPress users. 

Voice Search Features: 

A Voice search has shown up in this rundown of fundamental WordPress development trends. Voice search can be an extremely valuable element for WordPress sites. Siri, Alexa, and other search assistants have effectively become well known to a wide scope of clients which is additionally increasing in 2021. 

Truth be told, voice search has turned into the most well-known tool for both businesses and individuals. It might likewise support your SEO and make your site easy to understand. 

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Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence, the anticipated element of WordPress improvement in 2021. Everybody should consolidate their site with AI. You can see your client’s behavior better and use it to give customized solutions for your site. You can utilize well known AI modules like WordLift, Akismet, and Quttera, and so on 

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With the help of artificial intelligence, you can retarget users to return to your site by offering customized offers and deals. Generally speaking, AI allows us to investigate and give better bits of knowledge to eCommerce site sales. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: 

You can utilize famous WordPress modules, for example, WP VR, and AR play to empower this element easily. AR and VR permit users to see 360° pictures and videos. They might get the experience of watching your product from any place like watching it face to face. This trend is so engaging and expected to last in the far future. 

Blockchain Technology: 

Blockchain technology can work on the general course of payment by making it secure and quick. You can essentially introduce blockchain modules on your WP site and enjoy tension-free payment transactions. 

Custom Add-ons:

Even though we are mentioning this WordPress improvement trend toward the end, it is impossible that you can trifle with it. You can add drag and drop add ons by utilizing Elementor modules to offer more customized sites. Its wonderful customization made it one of the famous WordPress development trends. 


Here we attempted to brief the best WordPress development trends for 2021. These can be an extraordinary improvement for your WordPress site or eCommerce store. 

If you want to create a WordPress site or need to make any updates to your WordPress site, go ahead and get in touch with Photoshop to WordPress conversion services and PSD to HTML Development Company like Brain Stream. 

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