Playing Games of Chance Online: With Cash

Playing Games of Chance Online

The emerging interest in online gaming and gambling sites have paved the way for more innovative and simplified payment methods. One of these payment methods is CashtoCode, a new payment method that lets users mix online and physical cash payments.

First established in Germany in 2016, it quickly gained traction and spread to countries like Australia, Italy, and more. 

So what is the idea behind CashtoCode? For people pursuing gambling, other online games, or engaging in frequent online financial transactions, it aims to allow a way to do so by making deposits in cash instead of the paperless transfer methods.

CashtoCode Casinos: How Do They Work?

CashtoCode casinos are pretty popular nowadays. They allow players to make deposits via CashtoCode. When the player completes an online transaction, they are request to go to the nearest payment points. 

The payment points are well distributed and readily available. They can opt to pay there, and the barcode generated is scanned after they pay the amount.

The system recognizes the barcode and realizes that a player has made a payment via CashtoCode.This transaction is now complete. You can view the balance on your user profile once you scan the barcode.

Why People Prefer CashtoCode Casinos?

The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for Casino games brought up the importance of online privacy. CashtoCode offers the same type of flexibility to players. The main reasons CashtoCode casinos attract so many are

They are Safe

CashtoCode allows players without bank accounts or credit cards to enjoy the thrills of their games. It is a simple yet efficient method for those who still use physical cash to make payments and complete their transactions.

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In addition to this, the growing concerns over digital security make this the best option for deposits, as compared to bank transfers or cards, which require you to input your details. Since financial information is not pass over the internet, it is impossible to get intercept or for your data to be compromise.

They Promote Financial Discipline

CashtoCode Casinos help people to exercise restraint. Rather than betting with money they can’t afford to lose or even get from credit cards, CashtoCode lets people beat the heat of the moment and only enables you to complete the transaction if you have ready cash available. 

This could promote healthy and responsible gambling, rather than get swept up in your bet or trade and incur debt due to heavy borrowings without even your knowledge.


CashtoCode Casinos allow for much quicker payments. Bank transfers and such require authorization and validation. It is an excellent advantage for those looking to start playing immediately.

Free to Use

CashtoCode casinos do not charge any extra fees for allowing you to choose to deposit via CashtoCode. Besides, CahstoCode itself is free to use.


CashtoCode Casinos offer you a great way to make your deposits. CashtoCode is gaining popularity as a secure and quick payment method that promotes responsible gaming while also giving you the freedom to use physical cash. Withdrawal options are currently unavailable, and this is available to players in Germany, Austria, and Italy.

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