Why FamiSafe is the Best App to Limit Screen Time for all Families?

FamiSafe: Best App to Limit Screen Time

Parental control apps became all the craze nowadays. They’re fundamental features that allow you to regulate and manage what your child gets to observe or search on their phones or laptops. These apps are often installed on their phones. Content filters are important, considering the web dangers that are out there, especially for youngsters.

About FamiSafe

FamiSafe may be a Famisafe parental control app  that supports iOS, Android, and Kindle. The app usage summary is additionally of immense help for any parent who wishes to stay a check on their offspring. It’s also a user-friendly application with easy installation and features. Since Wondershare launched the app it’s been among the foremost reliable parental control apps that are out there. Giving serious competition to its contemporaries, FamiSafe has been ready to maintain a smooth and successful diary thus far.

Easy to use interface of FamiSafe

The installation process isn’t complicated in the least. Once you’re gone with installation through Google Play , Apple Store or Amazon simply by using the web site, you’ll plough ahead with subsequent step. Then found out the device and application screen time app consistent with the instructions.

Note that you simply need to choose the require aspects you would like to watch. Then click on those options to activate them. you’ll impose certain restraints on your child’s access also.


Using filters to prevent your child from accessing certain websites that you simply consider as not suitable is vital. Make an inventory of all of these websites whose access you would like to deny to the kid then filter them one by one. Understandably, quick access to everything can have a long-lasting impact on a child’s mind. Blocking various applications is additionally a necessity in today’s world. Some apps may carry malware; while some are just not safe for youngsters. It’s therefore on the parent to research and acquire prior knowledge of what they will let their child see.

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Keeping a check on regular activities

You can optimize the advantages of FamiSafe by keeping a track of your child’s regular online activities. The app that you simply have installed in your device will grant you access to your child’s device. It includes access to the online history, message, and saved folders. You’ll remember of what your child downloads on a daily basis. They could be too young to understand what’s not suitable for them, which is precisely why a parent should take up the task. Some video games, too, are often really inappropriate for your child’s age. That sort of content can normalize violence during a child’s mind, which isn’t okay.


It is possible to make automatic notification alerts during the usage of certain trigger words. You’ll set this all up manually. Certain trigger words are often monitored. Whenever they seem on your child’s device, you’ll receive a notification on your phone with the power to trace the source of the message also.

In addition, FamiSafe also detects suspicious pictures. Children often fall prey to pornographic content that’s want to lure them. They’re not conscious of the results and fall for it. This application will allow you to see if there’s a picture of that kind in your child’s phone or not. It’ll assist you take quick action and enlighten your child on the difficulty.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of FamiSafe

On the brilliant side, the app allows you to monitor and control the videos your child regularly watches on platforms like YouTube and other video players. Secondly, it enables you to trace the situation of your child’s device at any given point within the day. Filtering out images and constant alerts also are an enormous a part of establishing control. Furthermore, the app also allows you to set it up supported your child’s age and preferences, making it just about customized.

FamiSafe software provides the proper balance on Android and iOS devices for real-time YouTube parental control. When kids are within the age of 2-8, they don’t have the notice to choose the right content; which is where FamiSafe steps in and fixes the screen for them.

As simple because it’s parents can link to their children’s YouTube account to filter the weird texts on YouTube and track suspicious video images, illustrations, and comments that children have submitted, viewed, shared, or posted on. 

On the negative part, the app isn’t compatible with certain desktop versions. This will make it difficult for people who are hooked in to their desktops entirely for his or her work. Furthermore, the situation tracking feature is merely available on Android-powered devices. Other uses could also be unsatisfied with this glitch.

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Finally, the app may lag sometimes and not display the updated geo-tag location. Thereby, it is difficult for the parent to watch their child’s whereabouts. This will even cause a state of panic, then the bug must be fixed immediately.

Multiple Numbers of Devices

Yes, that’s true. does one have one child, no problem, two? No downside, Five? Even then no downside. FamiSafe helps you retain a check on all of your youngsters in an exceedingly single set up. So, you don’t get to obtain completely different plans for various youngsters. Great! isn’t it.

FamiSafe Pricing

FamiSafe is one amongst the foremost reliable parental management apps, thus it ought to have value you plenty. However, you all square measure getting to be astounded to understand that for what value you’re obtaining such an excellent parental management app. Well, there’s a complete of 3 packages out there for you all.

  • $9.99/month (if you pay monthly, five devices per account)
  • $6.99/month (if you pay quarterly, ten devices per account)
  • $4.99/month (if you pay yearly, thirty devices per account)

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