What to Look for When Booking a Meeting Room

What to Look for When Booking a Meeting Room


According to studies, company executives squander a lot of time scheduling and attending meetings, making calls, and sending emails. Corporate leaders spend about one-third of their time on email, and another one-third is spent in meetings, up to half of which are thought to be an utter waste of time.

There are several reasons why meetings burden businesses, including a lack of direction and a plan, ineffective moderators, the absence of important action items, and vague roles and duties. 

Every meeting space is unique. Business leaders frequently use location and room size as the primary factors when selecting a meeting space. There are, however, a lot of other aspects that are equally or even more significant. We compiled the following list of 11 factors used to reserve a meeting space to assist business executives in doing so:

1. Scheduling a meeting space

Business executives are time-constrained professionals who want mobile, anytime, anyplace digital tools. They want to be able to reserve accommodations in these situations via their phones, mobile devices, or desktop or laptop computers. 

2. Observing a conference room

Business leaders must see how a hired conference room appears, just as we all want to view something in person before purchasing it. Photos might not be enough. Videos are more advantageous. Business executives should examine and choose Mail receiving service nyc on the conference’s objective rather than assuming one size fits all.

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3. Various Engagement Possibilities

Business leaders occasionally want assistance when choosing and reserving meeting spaces. It can just be simple inquiries about room arrangements or booking guidelines. While phone assistance is unquestionably a necessary engagement option, other channels—live web chat, self-service, a mobile app, or even text—are essential in today’s digital age.

4. Locating a Business Location

Initial impressions matter. Location is crucial for meetings with clients or potential clients, but it’s also crucial for staff gatherings like all-hands. The value of the conference will be quickly diminished in the eyes of the attendees by a poor setting.

5. Making use of the Lobby Receptionist

The participants’ experience upon arrival matters just as much for initial impressions as the rental Meeting room NYC venue. Having a lobby greeter demonstrates professionalism and guarantees that meeting participants are welcomed right away upon arrival. 

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6. Web and video conferencing accessibility

There’s common for not all meeting attendees to be able to make it in person. Thus, having simple web/video conferencing facilities built into the meeting space is essential. 

7. Utilization of day offices or coworking locations

Customers and employees may frequently need to use a day office or a coworking space before, during, or after the meeting.

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8. Providing and Interacting Like a Pro Meeting

presenters and facilitators require the most recent technology, including plasma displays, LCD projectors, and smart boards. These technological tools guarantee that meetings keep on schedule and that participants are attentive.

9. Making Use of Commercial Services

Meeting interruptions can drastically throw meetings off course. Meeting disruptions can be avoided by prioritising participants, presentations, group discussions, and other meetings over essential business services like printing, faxing, mailing, shipping, photocopying, etc.

10. Making Use of Catering at Meetings

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be included in the meeting schedule. Catering services make sure that participants may focus on the presentations and conversations at hand without worrying about their upcoming meals.

11. Including business meetings in your online calendar

Physical meeting planners are a thing of the past. Business professionals who are often on the go only use their digital calendars. 


It can be a great headache to pay for a Meeting room in NYC space year-round to utilize it once a month because formal meetings aren’t always necessary for modern organizations every day.

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