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Turnstile Gate Management System

With the improvement of society, security turnstile gate will be utilize in scenic spots, office buildings, stations and subways. This is because many public places will install security turnstile gate with affordable price, which brings a lot of convenience and safety to our daily life. So, we are not unfamiliar with it. Today, let’s take a look at the security turnstile gate system.

Security turnstile gate management system is a combination of intelligent security and face recognition equipment system. Ehich realizes multiple functions such as personnel access control, real-time monitoring, security and anti-theft alarm. It carries out control management and attendance management for personnel access to the gate channel. It is convenient for internal personnel to enter and exit in an orderly manner. Also, prevents external personnel from entering and leaving at will.

The security turnstile gate management system combines electronic technology, RF smart card technology, single chip technology, automatic control technology, precision machining technology, computer network technology and software programming technology. Through the ticket channel system, the turnstile gate can effectively prevent miscellaneous personnel from entering the designated area and prevent accidents; it can greatly reduce the work intensity of staff and improve efficiency.

The intelligent security turnstile gate system is connected with ticketing system in real time to dynamically adjust the pre-inspection plan. It is in connect with the public security system in real time to check and alarm online. The security turnstile gate has the adaptive ability in case of abnormal situation. When the communication with the management terminal gets interrupted, the normal opening of on-site channel gate will not be affect. The authorization can be cancel through the management host; the invalid card and expire card can be recover and can continue to utilize after re authorization. Various event data reports can be provided, including cardholder in and out events, alarm events, system events, etc.; 

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The system can log the operation steps of the manager. The system can record events and the records shall include the following contents. Permission to pass, refusal to pass, alarm, forced door opening, normally open, fault, network connection, network disconnection, remote control, etc. System has special memory protection device, and the access control code. System data will not disappear due to power failure. Secondly, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to balance the timeliness and accuracy. In the process of human witness comparison, especially in the case of dense passenger flow in the station; how to design the best detection (inspection and test) and tracking strategy for multiple faces in motion according to different lighting conditions, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

As a kind of channel management equipment; the most essential function of security turnstile gate is to pass only one person at a time by blocking and releasing. Its application object is pedestrians (including luggage and bicycles), and the application occasion is entrance and exit. But as a part of the intelligent channel management framework; the security turnstile gate can cooperate with other systems for different special occasions, so as to play a greater role . 

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The relationship between the ticket checking part of the tagging system and the security turnstile gate is inseparable. As long as it is non manual automatic ticket checking, it cannot be separate from the turnstile gate. The two most typical applications are rail transit and electronic tickets. Rail transit, including subway and high-speed rail, no longer regards the gate as an independent product. But as a part of the automatic ticket checking machine; e-ticket mainly refers to the entrance automatic ticket checking. It is use in various paid entertainment occasions, including scenic spots, amusement parks, gymnasiums, ski resorts, entertainment venues, etc.

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