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Many homes in Chicagoland have cement and plaster stucco siding, which was popular in the early twentieth century when residences were built to seem like they were from the Mediterranean. However, it does not usually age well, so you will ultimately have to deal with stucco failure.

Here’s why James Hardie fibre cement siding is the most excellent option for long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior performance.

Stucco: Natural vs Synthetic

Traditional Siding Contractor In Wyckoff and synthetic stucco siding are the two main varieties.

Traditional Stucco (also known as hard coat stucco) is composed of cement, sand, lime, and water, which makes it fire-resistant, durable, and low-maintenance. Because this long-lasting, sturdy material is so heavy, it necessitates additional labour expenditures, making it a costly siding alternative.

Many homeowners resorted to synthetic Stucco, also known as Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), in the 1980s as an economical, adaptable stucco siding option. By the early 1990s, synthetic Stucco was used in the construction of 30% of homes in the Southeast.

Synthetic Stucco Is a Problem

Synthetic Stucco is applied using a foam insulation board topped by a water-resistant finish, giving the siding a typical stucco appearance. When constructed poorly, the insulation board can trap moisture within your home, causing rot, mould development, structural damage, and other issues.

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Over time, even classic stucco siding can crack and collapse, enabling water to leak in and cause damage to your property.

Unfortunately, moisture that has become trapped behind your stucco siding cannot be removed. And, because moisture damage isn’t frequently covered by insurance, you’re left wondering what to do next. Fortunately, siding replacement by a qualified contractor will resolve the issue and set your mind at ease concerning your home.

5 Symptoms of Stucco Failure

Look for these indicators of stucco degradation on your Atlanta house before investing in siding replacement.Cracks in the Stucco

Is your stucco siding showing signs of stains, cracks, or bulges? Is there any internal water leaking in your home? If this is the case, the leaks might be caused by your stucco siding, and your external walls are likely to have had severe moisture penetration.

1. Dark Circles Near Windows

Is your caulking damaged or missing around your windows? Is there visible water along the corners of your windows? If so? If this is the case, moisture has most likely crawled beneath your stucco siding.

2. Mildew or mould growth

Nothing encourages mould and mildew growth more than a wet, gloomy atmosphere. If your stucco siding has been water damaged, mould and mildew are likely to develop behind your stucco siding, posing a risk to your family’s health.

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3. Rotting Walls

Rot is commonly disguised behind your stucco walls but can quickly progress into severe concerns, such as structural integrity loss.

4. Insect Infestation 

The presence of termites, ants, and other insects in your home indicates a problem. Stucco damage—the fractures in your stucco walls are most likely their site of entry.

5. Paint Peeling

Is the paint on your inside walls peeling? If this is the case, it might be due to underlying moisture trapped behind your stucco walls.

Higher Humidity Levels Although it may be challenging to establish in Georgia’s humid environment, if you observe an increase in humidity in your house, it is most likely due to water between your inner walls and Stucco outside. • Siding Contractor In Wyckoff   Here’s the top Siding Contractor On Wyckoff’s list for your reference and further work.

  • Dynamic Home Improvement LLC
  • Premier Roofing-Roof Cleaning
  • Garden State Garage and Siding
  • PJ Sullivan Exteriors
  • Etan Construction

You can’t go wrong with the job that YME Construction Ltd. creates as a family-owned professional stucco firm.

Their highly experienced crew is careful in their project planning, management, artistry, and upkeep. YME Construction Ltd. will ensure a proper and long-lasting installation if you wish to add stucco cladding to your home.

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