What are the PRINCE2 Project Management Essential Aspects?

PRINCE2 Project Management Essential Aspects

This is a guide to some of the more essential aspects of project management, it aims to cover all aspects of project management. It is not intend to explain all processes in project practice nor does it provide complete answers to all the questions that people have about the form of project practice. As on a PRINCE2 Foundation training glasgow.

PRINCE2 Essential Aspects for Project Management


This is the clearest and most identifies the defects of a plan, that is how essential to the project is the identification of the risk.

These must be undertaken at different stages of the project, and at different stages in the plan the problems are different. Some are less clear in their description at other stages. But the identification, characterization and treatment of the threats and vulnerabilities is consider as essential, as precisely as a control plan and regular programme review.

Managing Projects

Project managers must thorough focused attention to all threats, write them down and transmit them to the relevant people. The process of evaluate or tests them takes a lot of effort. Often, financial investment and sometimes it is impractical. The reaction is that much of this is already done at the time of planning the work (for example, there will be a risk assessment of the work and the other factors of the project). So there is a commitment to writing this work, on a separate basis.

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In particular, testing and evaluating the costs (as to the provision of this support, here it should be possible to use the exclusively of the project manager, for the reason that the whole aspect of project management and the methods of its delivery could be left outside the direct control of the manager). What is more, the cost will be assess as having a sound investment quality.


This is the function of the project to develop money; committed by the financial director or Developers. The main strategy for the disciplines will be the economic resources suitable for the matter in hand.

Project managers will be able to realize where the full resources have to be apply. And, where they have been only partially deploy. This is because there can be an indication of over-all organization and results in a better economic utilisation of resources.


This is likely to be the low cost dimension. This should be a vague negative consequence for a secured value project where the capability to deliver a totally appropriate quality of performance is in question by the organization with a low budget, etc.

Other than this, it may be difficult to find out as to any effect, sustainable development..

Project management is the art or science of directing and managing the total set of activities; including activities that fall outside the particular range of the project.

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When all these things are done correctly, projects will pass through smoothly. But, not in the same way as other forms of work. There are further special concerns when it deals with management.

Concerns dealing with Management

  • Is there a future for project management?
  • Is the approach being utilize by all projects up to date?
  • Does it recognize groups in project processes, organize them and group them?”
  • Is there a common language for control and review mechanisms?
  • When this process works, is it worth working on it?
  • Training the project management team
  • The Project process modelling
  • The Project portfolio control and review
  • Project management software
  • The Project certification, accreditation, etc.
  • An impact on other business activities
  • Project methods and practices
  • A Project discipline
  • Project review and delivery
  • The Project roles and responsibilities
  • Project and programme planning
  • A Project resource
  • Project budgets
  • Project and programme delivery
  • The problem, which is plainly uncertainty
  • The compensation scope, which is the benefits derive from the use of the change(s).

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