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Prince2 Foundation London Certification

Project Management is the act of organize, lead, and control a project with the aim of delivering a unique product. Note: a product means a service or a unique product. As outlined on a prince 2 Foundation London certification.

A project management process or foundation course for every company is different. An IT company may have a project, where one department’s project maybe to deploy and test a new product for a mobile phone company.

Project Management Techniques chosen by the company:

Understanding project management

For ease of explanation, consider for example a project widely required by the people receiving the project; in this case individuals, to develop a software application (ester).  During the project, the software application would ideally be develop instead of in-house built; which is how our product and software built.  After the project has been release and the infrastructure has been transform to support its use; the organization now needs to scale its use and scale the infrastructure again.

In this example, there are two project managers, one from a department with a project and one from the product vendor company with a product launch. A project manager from a department, focus on how the product will be utilize at the end of the project foundation course. The product manager is working to improve the code quality first and increasing the productivity before launching the product. Also, the project manager latter will be focus on the product launch. The product manager will be working on basis of a scope management and quality assurance plan. The manager from a product company, working on the schedule, will be focusing on a phase gate schedule if any and a branch server implementation schedule.

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Project management process

According to the “Unified PRINCE2 Guide, Project – Definition” described in the book by prospective project management practitioners, a project has a start and an end.

Projects need to begin before they can end once the target has been achieve. It is thus, not possible to plan a project and undone it either. In PM terms a project will be divided into phases. These phases can but not limited to the underlined PRINCE models PRINCE2, PRINCE3, and PRINCE4.

The first major challenge is to decide on and create an effective project plan.  The plan will be a notebook that provides senior executive a simple and a clean definition of the project objectives. It includes the scope, time, budget, quality and investment/ Parenthood Learn, SCM, Risk and issue management competencies.  Also, the plan will be the basis on how the project will be divided and the ownership of responsibility.

Project Management Plan

The project plan might also include the personnel for the project, all the documents and other information. It will be require to perform the PRINCE2 methodology such as the charter, budget recommendation, budgets, targets, and other resources as per the scope of the project.

An effective project plan must be plan towards certain business objectives. But, the organization may also be considering them as objectives. The foundation course will also consist of the personnel for production, customers, and suppliers. But, they should also be consider the customers for the scope of the project. The Participation coated in the project Relations programme for doesn’t necessarily need to be real friendly.

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The right project plan in addition to the right people to execute the project are momentarily more important than the wasted resources. Forth believe in project deliverables and make a viable further estimate for it. This is one main belief in project management.

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