PRINCE2: Characteristics of Project Management

Characteristics of Project Management

In Project Management, within an organization, the project managers are responsible for the delivery of projects. And, for the delivery of deliverables to the requirements of a customer or a client. They aim to explain the business cases to a project method. They are responsible for managing the resources and scheduling requirements of a project. Also, they are responsible for establishing a communication plan for the project as outlined in a PRINCE2 Practitioner course.


A project must be well establish and it should support a business case.  It should support a functional approach to deliverables.  If you are not sure, check how a project competency looks in your organization.

The project management need to be done within the organization. This means you need to understand the organization’s business.  This is tougher in times of recession.  To do this you need to go directly to the people who do the work and to understand what they do.  Using in-house surveys, you should be able to do this.  You may also need to attend project meetings in their organization.  If you need to get them on the phone you may have to do more than quote your costs.

In small to medium enterprise, a project can sometime be driven by industry or by individual.  He/she may be trying to break the management of the project into a series of smaller tasks that are potentially more manageable.  However, senior management has to manage the project for effect.

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Project is a constant – there is no time to stop and do the necessary pre-planning.

Project management skills need to be acquire and this will not happen from the start. The task would be split into small discreet job and the team must be set up to meld 25 different disciplines. Also, the team must be coherent as to what they are going to do and what their role is.

The projects team need to be Trout Perfect – everyone in the team must be constructively and enthusiastically involved in the project and all the stakeholders must be being supportive of the project. There is no point in setting up a great team of star performers who are not being support.

Project management also needs to have a Bethremlinic loop. This is the term utilize by many project managers to describe the situation in which a team member begins to over-analyses. The team member is becoming confused and the result is something major going wrong. If it goes wrong, there will be a lot of fuss, shouting and confrontation. In projects, this can lead to a mess all over the place.

Project is a very important component of any organization’s transformation, whether it is a small team or a large organization, the managers need to be proactive.

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