Power of Attorney in Spanish

Power of Attorney in Spanish

Spanish is a very popular language, now spoken worldwide. There are multiple reasons behind its popularity. But the most important thing is that there are several Spanish speaking countries and these are for sure more than any other language-speaking country. An estimate shows that about 9 Million people speak Spanish from all around the world. Countries where it is spoken officially, include North America, Europe, Africa, and South America. That is the reason Spanish translators in so much demand these days. It is useful if you want to start your career as a Spanish translator, as they are paid more, and there is less competition.

Power of Attorney (POA) means?

Power of attorney, also known as a letter of attorney, is a written authorization for enabling someone else to act on your behalf in performing professional or personal business, but you can’t do it yourself.

Why there is need of POA translation?

Different authorizations have different purposes; for instance, if you have asked for a general power of attorney, it will grant a broader authority for an attorney to act on certain matters and properties. On the other hand, you need a special power of attorney so that you can specify the powers you want to give someone.

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If you want someone to deal with Spain’s legal matters, you might need to translate your power of attorney into Spanish. You will also need to translate it into English if you are moving from Spain to the UK. But make sure to find reliable translation services providers. 

Some mistakes to avoid while translating the power of attorney Spanish

While translating Spanish, it is very important that you avoid little mistakes as they can totally change the meaning. Here are some common errors that translators can make if they are not highly experience, but they must avoid:

  • “People” is a plural word in English; on the other hand, it is translate as “la gente” in Spanish, which is a singular word. Most translators make mistakes like these.
  • The noun is written before an adjective in English, for instance, “calm night,” while in Spanish, we write adjectives after noun such as “la noche tranquila,” tranquila means calm, and it is an adjective.
  • Double negatives are not praised much in English, but these are appreciated in Spanish.
  • It is foolish when translators translate the power of attorney Spanish word to word; this will make no sense in the end. So it is suggest to read the whole sentence before, understand it and then translate.
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Where to get the best power of attorney translation services?

Translating from English to Spanish or Spanish to English is not a piece of cake; it requires experience, skills, and grip on both languages. Having in-depth knowledge about grammar is also necessary. So while choosing a translation services provider, make sure to select the perfect one. You can ask questions regarding their previous performance, ask for samples, and read reviews left by other clients. It will help you a lot in deciding whether you should consider a translation agency or not.

If you are from the UK and looking for the power of attorney Spanish translations services, make sure to consider Kings of Translation UK services. We have highly experienced and qualified translators. Our translators are professional, and you will not be disappoint at all. The best thing is we provide translation services at reasonable rates and will do the task before the deadline. You will get a quality translate document after proofreading.

For more information give us a call, our staff will love to answer all your queries. 

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