Pathway to PR on the Temporary Graduate Visa (485)

The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), commonly known as subclass 485, enables you to remain in Australia after finishing your studies and conduct a normal life. Graduate Workstream and post-study Workstream are the two main categories under which the visa may be categorized. 

The sort of visa you seek will determine how long you may stay there. The post-study employment visa underwent a few revisions quite recently by the Australian government. If Covid-19 affected you and you were enrolled in any of the programs offered by an Australian school institution, you may unwind now. Let’s discuss an easy pathway to PR.

New Rules for Graduate Student Temporary Gradute Visas (Subclass 485)

If you were admitted to a course in Australia but were unable to attend courses because of the Covid-19 limitations, you may be able to benefit from the 485 Visa. All recent graduates who are subject to various travel limitations are eligible to apply for the visa as well. The requirements for obtaining a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) have been greatly loosened.

In addition to the aforementioned, all students will have enough time to complete their health examinations. You can use the extra time to provide your biometrics if you have already filed for the visa. You can also submit your scores for English language proficiency a little late.

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Temporary Graduate Visa (485)

Qualification for Graduate Temporary Visa

If you meet the requirements, you may be able to apply for a 485 Visa. You need to be under 50, have a valid visa, and have completed a CRICOS-registered course to be eligible. 

Additionally, the Overseas Student Health Cover will apply to you immediately if you have a student visa. You can take the help of the Best Overseas education consultant. However, if your 485 Visa application is close to being approved at any of the following phases, you will still need health insurance.

You ought to be more knowledgeable about the visa. International students can reside, study, and work in Australia thanks to the Graduate Work Stream.

You are allowed to live and stay in Australia for 18 months with the aid of this visa. The processing period lasts around four months. You can also bring your family with you to Australia.

The second option is the post-study workstream, which is applicable if you just received your degree from an Australian institution in any subject. You may stay in Australia for 2-4 years. Your course should be registered with CRICOS.

Which Permanent Work Visa Categories are there in Australia?

In Australia, there are primarily two categories of permanent work visas.

  • The first is provided by the employer. Subclasses 186, 494(TR), and 482 are included (TR).
  • General Skilled Migration is the second option. Additionally, it incorporates subclasses 189, 190, or 491.
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The candidate has greater freedom and flexibility in the latter. General Skilled Migration does not require employer sponsorship. The person is chosen by Immigration, the State, or the Territory.

Why Is It Important To Transfer To A Graduate Visa?

After graduating, it has been observed that the majority of candidates do not have the time to complete all of the requirements to get a permanent residency visa. The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)can be used in this situation. You will have sufficient time to live, study, and work in Australia. To pass the skills evaluation test, you can have sufficient professional experience.

For many jobs in Australia, you need to have at least a year of post-qualification experience. You may also continue to work in the state for a duration of 3 to 12 months in the same line of work.


Your path to obtaining permanent residency in Australia is therefore through the 485 Visa. The first step for establishing a foothold and staying in Australia for two to four years is the 485 post-study program. Additionally, it enables you to obtain professional experience, which has a direct influence on the PR skilled point’s assessments. It is necessary to follow the rules for the list of vocations. To comply, you must go through the same process once.

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