MilesWeb Cloud Hosting : The Good Choice For 2020-2021

Every one of us wants to know different ways to expand our on-going business. But, we need to take small and definite steps to achieve what we desire. When a website starts gaining heavy traffic, then it denotes that the business is growing. During the fast-growing phase of a website, it requires guaranteed CPU, RAM, and other storage with hosting features, that help in improving the website performance.

At this point, as a website owner, you need to decide what hosting types are most feasible for you. The cloud facilitating model is considered as the less expensive option as compared to the customary committed server models. Cloud hosting offers the best of cloud trust along with the hosting features.  MilesWeb is known for their incredible company ethics, budget-friendly prices, and best features that explains why one should opt them when it comes to cloud hosting. Even if you wish to have a WordPress website, then WordPress cloud hosting is the suitable solution for your growing business.  

Companies using cloud hosting service gets the benefit of high data availability and security. Many large scale organizations and businesses prefer cloud hosting that resides on the premises and computes in the cloud provider’s environment.   

Many cloud hosting providers are now tapping into the Indian market due to its high demand. Looking at the potential and the benefits that can be yield in India data centers in India are preferred by local businesses.

Thus, in this article, we will learn about the trusted and cheap cloud hosting services provider MilesWeb.

Benefits offered by MilesWeb cloud hosting environment are :

1) Reliability –

The cloud servers are very reliable due to their working patterns. In cloud hosting, your website gets hosted on a group of servers, so if one physical server goes down, it gets back up from other servers. It ensures that your website never goes out of work. there are several server protocols used to manage the widespread data that cannot be cracked easily.

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2) Security –

As the data gets scattered among different servers, no one can estimate the place of particular data and hence it is difficult to hack it. The splitting of data is done on secure servers that are protected by MilesWeb.

3) Price –

The pricing structures are very simple and affordable. With MilesWeb cloud hosting, the user gets free support, unlike other providers.

4) Scalability –

Cloud hosting allows its users to upscale and downscale resources as per the requirements. The resources are very flexible that can be increased during high traffic and decreased during low traffic volume.

MilesWeb provides both managed and unmanaged cloud server.

The managed cloud server offers following benefits :

  • Cloud server setup.
  • Control panel installation and configuration.
  • Third-party software installation.
  • Linux security and hardening.
  • CMS and web application installation.
  • CSF firewall installation and configuration.
  • Optimizing web server and fine-tuning.
  • Database optimization.
  • Network fine tuning.
  • Server performance fine tuning.
  • Security optimization.
  • Kernel patch updates.
  • Malware, virus detection and protection.
  • Installation and updates of security patches.
  • Spam protection.
  • Database and website security.
  • Protection against server blacklisting.
  • Malware removal.
  • Cloud server performance optimization.
  • Cloud server migration.
  • rDNS setup.
  • Solution on hardware and network related issues.
  • Unlimited ticket, emails, and chat support.

MilesWeb is the best provider of managed DigitalOcean and AWS.

Features of managed cloud hosting are :

Certified team to handle your account –

MilesWeb ensures that your account is managed by certified experts. Experts are responsible for server management to make it secure, powerful, and hassle-free.

Complete management –

The system admin works proactively to protect and safeguard the server. This saves your time of server management that can be utilized for boosting the primary business.

System monitoring –

All the resources like CPU, bandwidth, etc. are monitored regularly, which helps to keep a watch on website performance. This ensures that the website doesn’t crash due to sudden traffic spikes.

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Server maintenance –

MilesWeb team has vast server maintenance experience and thus, can manage all the daily operations of your server with ease. They ensure that the server runs smoothly without any technical errors.

Data protection –

All the data is backed-up on daily basis to prevent the data loss that can be caused due to any accidental errors. The backup data can be restored whenever needed.

Regular updates –

All the updates are installed as soon as they get released, so as to keep the server’s software up to date. The user gets free from manually downloading and installing these updates as everything is done automatically.

Words of MilesWeb customers :

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Wrapping Up :

By now, you might have understood that Cloud hosting is considered one of the best hosting that grows your online business. The scalability of resources makes it helpful for all the users of all sizes of businesses. MilesWeb has been the experienced and trusted cloud hosting provider ensures that its users get 24/7 technical support with 99.95% uptime and all the best of hosting features.

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