MilesWeb AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Review: Top 10 Reasons to Consider

Planning to grow your online business in 2021? Do you know that your hosting plan is also one of the factors for online growth? 

Let’s take an example here. Suppose your website goes down in the peak time, you will need to face great losses. Now, there can be several reasons for your website being down such as hardware issues, accidental issues or maybe you have outgrown your web hosting plan. 

Your selection of web hosting plan can be one of the reasons for website going down. This is because if the plan you have selected offers limited resources won’t be able to handle the growing requirements of the traffic, your website is going to crash.

Which web hosting plan would be the best for your growing business needs? Cloud hosting is one of the best options that not only allows you to scale the resources as per the business needs as well as offers remote access to the users.

Amazon Web Services is one of the popular cloud hosting providers. They have been around for more than a decade and are still leading in the list of cloud hosting providers. For those who know cloud computing, AWS managed services is perfect for its intuitive infrastructure. What about those who don’t have any technical expertise in this subject?

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For them, there are some of the web hosting providers that offer managed services for managing the AWS cloud. It can be a bit difficult task to search for a good web host that manages the service for you. But you won’t regret opting for MilesWeb’s managed AWS cloud hosting services as they take the complete responsibility of managing your cloud, allowing you to focus on your business.

MilesWeb at a Glance

MilesWeb is an award-winning web hosting company established in 2012. They have their presence globally and server over 20,000 customers online. Shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, WordPress and cloud hosting are some of the web hosting services offered by them. Both managed and unmanaged services are offer by them. They have a brilliant customer support team 24/7 ready to resolve all the queries faced by the customers via live chat and email.

Managed AWS Cloud Hosting Plans 


Top 10 Reasons for Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

1) Migrate for Free

They have an expert team for migration that does the migration without any data loss. The migration is done for free and they ensure that your website works smoothly on their AWS server. 

2) Suggestion for the Best Plan

If you are confuse in selecting the best plan for your website, their team will help you find the suitable plan.

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3) Affordable Plans

One of the reasons behind moving to cloud is reduced cloud. Your AWs cloud will be monitor regularly so that your AWS cloud cost gets reduce.

4) AWS Certified Team

They have trained their team from AWS platform and have got them certified. This AWS certified team helps in managing the AWS cloud seamlessly. They will help you to enhance your AWS server and cheap VPS hosting services for making it secure, easy and powerful. 

5) Time-Saving

You save a lot of your time when you let their team manage your AWS cloud server. The server related tasks such as patching, updates, or other daily operations needed for AWS management are done by their team.  

6) 24/7 Available Support

Their certified experts are available 24/7 to help you. Whenever you have any query or issue on your AWS server, you can immediately contact their support team via live chat and email.

7) Server Monitoring

They ensure that your website is always up and running. This is done by keeping your AWS server up and running. This is possible because the team continuously monitors the traffic spikes, infections and other issues.

8) Optimization and Growth

For adopting the enhance technology of AWS services your AWS server boosted for performance, security and expenditure.

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9) Increased Productivity

Are you still concerned about your AWS cloud administration? Allow your team to perform their tasks such as product building, profit making and customer assisting. All the other tasks related to server will be look after by their team. 

10) Data Center Location

Server location should be near to your target audience. This is because it helps your web pages to load faster. Therefore, you get to select your preferred server location from different locations offered by them.

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