Importance of Video for Social Media Marketing


Do you believe that videos are essential for Social Media Marketing?  A ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ to that query doesn’t make any difference because 97 percent of the Marketers do believe that making videos is a part and parcel of their marketing strategy. 

In a world of rapid scientific development, you can’t afford to remain backdated in all the spheres including business. To compete with your contemporaries, you must resort to innovations.

Innovations like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on are always near at your hand to help you in the process of marketing. You can easily make videos about your products to let the customers know about it. Now, let’s have a look at the importance of video for social media marketing. Buy more Affordable Social Media Management Packages

Why Taking Help of Videos in Social Media Marketing (Digital Marketing)?

 You might be wondering why you should make videos for digital marketing. To put things simple, there are a plethora of reasons why the successful traders of today are making videos for their digital marketing. Some of them are as follows : 

Getting idea about the product 

Firstly, a survey has shown that around 90% of the purchasers watch Videos on a product to get a clear idea about that product before moving on to buy it. So uploading videos on various social media pertaining to your products will make you able to sell more than your contemporaries who don’t pay heed to videos.          

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Attracting the purchasers through Social Media Marketing

Don’t you watch videos of a particular product before buying it? Why do you do that?  It’s because you love to know about the product that you’re gonna buy beforehand. When you find the videos on that product impressive, you go on to buy it.

 Similar is the case with all other customers. Around 97 % of marketers state that purchasers get attracted with their products by watching videos created by them. And then, they decide to purchase those products. So the Importance of video in Digital Marketing is evident here.                  

Help customers to decide 

Secondly, according to the claims of all the successful marketers,  videos play a vital role in helping the customers thoroughly inspect products and decide whether to buy them or not. Therefore, including videos in the marketing strategy is a wise thing to do for a businessman.    

Opportunity to set forth important features of various products       

Videos provide you with the opportunity to advertise your products . You can assert all the impressive features of your product in the videos created for the customers. 

Therefore, create videos on Social Media for marketing purposes and don’t forget to inform the customers of all the remarkable features of your products. Plus, always remember to make the videos interesting by using funny voices, amusing pictures or anything humorous. 

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Video Uploading Platforms 

A good number of platforms are available for you to upload marketing videos on. They include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. On those platforms, you can upload different types of videos in accordance with your marketing strategy. 

You can make a Facebook live video and talk about your product to the audience. Or, you have the opportunity to advertise your product by creating an interview style video on YouTube. 

Additionally, you can also make videos with the help of animation in order to deliver the information of the products to the purchasers.                                                            


A popular content form, video helps the audience know ins and outs of a product. Manufacturers make use of video to attract the customers to buy their products. So it is tacit that video is an unavoidable part of digital marketing.  

To outrun your competitors, create videos about your products and keep in touch with people. The more you make videos the better you draw the attention of the customer.               

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