How To Trade Cryptocurrency In 2020?

Cryptocurrency Trading

The Cryptocurrency in today’s world is consider to be the secret and beneficial way for people to make money online. The main reason is many retail traders are involve in this thing day-by-day. For example best financial and marketing institutions are setting their foot in. If you want to become a master in this game then it is very necessary to keep an eye on current events and update yourself regularly and gather information about the virtual crypto market.

Learn to Trade Cryptocurrency

If we talk about the scenario of 2020 then Bitcoin is definitely a king in this game especially for institutional investors. If we talk about Ethereum then after the invention of Ethereum 2.0 it’s becoming better. Also, Ehtereum has 70M addresses now and that’s more than double Bitcoin with just 30M. XRP will probably pump their own coin, even though they have not so much to show for it.

However, we have seen how quickly the tables can turn for XRP. They simply also have so much money. Keep in mind they have sold half a billion dollars in XRP. Because BNB simply is the strongest altcoin overall. Only ETH might be stronger in terms of overall fundamentals. Tether is here to stay; it’s a large part of the crypto ecosystem and it is use A LOT.

Furthermore, Tether has shown statements about their financial liquidity. No one has more total users than BAT (total approx. 100M), not even Ethereum and Bitcoin, who have around 50M users. Additionally, BAT’s Brave Browser is overtaking Chrome in download numbers in several countries as well now in Japan already. It looks like Brave can soon replace Chrome as the #1 browser worldwide.BAT is becoming an absolute monster.

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NEXO currently makes $50M in revenue, that’s more than anyone else in crypto except for BNB, which makes $1B in revenue. Now let’s talk about IOTA, IOTA has a lot coming with shimmer which will probably go live in the next 6 months. Then, IOTA will be 10,000x more secure, faster and decentralized than Bitcoin and every other blockchain, except QKC and HOLO.

All in all, LTC is dead, so it will probably drop several ranks. It might just retain some ranking due to nostalgia. VET has just closed a partnership with Walmart, a Fortune 1 company, which made their transaction volume explode to higher levels than Bitcoin and Ethereum frequently. Bitcoin and Ethereum have around 300,000 – 800,000 transactions per day. We all know that if we want to mine a good amount of Bitcoin we must need a Good system for that.

So if you’re having any problem with your system then you can directly reach out to the Dell laptop service center in delhi. They provide the best service. Moving on, BCH doesn’t have much and has toxic leadership. It’s just a feature. Bitcoin isn’t necessarily opposed to a block size increase, so BCH is just a flick of the wrist away from being made redundant and EOS has nothing, it’s all fake and scammy.

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There are constantly hacks, there are vote buying cartels and it’s extremely centralize.  But HOLO is almost as strong as IOTA, that’s why we can probably see a sharp increase in price. However, only IF they manage to launch their mainnet. If they don’t, they will most likely not be seen in the top 20.

Huobi makes good revenue, however, they have just recently tripled their market cap by releasing additional tokens, which heavily inflated their market cap. ADA is a very average PoS blockchain and there are several, which are much stronger (IOTA, QKC, HOLO). That’s why it will most likely lose several ranks. TRX has nothing and is extremely centralize. It’s the same mess as EOS.

XLM is a weaker version of XRP and XRP already has not much. That’s why Stellar will probably not be treated so well in the coming year. NEXO, BAT and Holochain look like the best investments leading into 2020. However, it must be said that Holochain also has much more risk involve than NEXO and BAT, since Holochain still has to launch its mainnet.

BNB and Ethereum “only” give smaller returns of around 25x, however, they also have much less risk than other coins.

BCH, LTC, EOS, Stellar, TRX look like the worst investments leading into 2020, but that’s no secret. They simply don’t have anything worthwhile except some leftover hype from 2017.

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In terms of overall potential and risk weighed against one another, NEXO and BAT seem to come out as the winners, since they don’t really seem to have much risk.

NEXO makes massive revenue while BAT gets massive adoption. There is not so much that can go wrong there and I don’t see them having much higher risk than BNB or Ethereum.

BNB and Ethereum could have even more risk than NEXO and BAT, since BNB has lots of regulatory hurdles to overcome with Binance and Ethereum has to launch ETH 2.0 properly, which is no easy task.

Overall, one could say NEXO and BAT have less risk than BNB and Ethereum while having 10x more upside.

Coins like DENT can also do well, but they might not make it into the top 20.

Furthermore, for 2021, where the bull run will most likely peak, we can possibly see another 10x on these multiples.

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