How to embed a video in PowerPoint

How to embed a video in PowerPoint

If you have ever created a PowerPoint presentation then you have faced the need of adding the video to your presentation file. Powerpoint provides a great way to create a presentation. It is one of the most used programs for creating a presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation will become more presentable if it is having video embedded in it. 

If you want a video embedded in your PowerPoint presentation then you can rely on this article below.

By using the videos in your PowerPoint presentation, you can make it more presentable. It is a great way to pass your information and make your presentation engaging. 

Profits of adding video to your presentations?

The first thing that comes to our mind is why video is necessary for the PowerPoint presentation. The video is very necessary for your PowerPoint presentation and it will make your presentation more engaging. Videos are a very big part of our life and we make videos every time but we do not use them in our presentations.

Videos provide a very great way of learning things as we retain more information through the videos. So, it is very useful to add videos to your PowerPoint presentations. This will take your presentation to a whole new level.

How to insert video into PowerPoint

There are different ways of adding video to PowerPoint presentations. Also, the steps of adding the video to a PowerPoint presentation depend upon the version of the PowerPoint you are using.

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Below we have provided you the instructions to add video in PowerPoint 365 but the steps can also be followed on other versions of the PowerPoint.

How to embed a video in PowerPoint from pc?

1. Click on the slide in which you want to embed a video, then click on Menu and then Insert.

2. Now from the top right corner click on Video and then click on Video on My PC.

3. Now find and select the video you want to add and click on Insert.

4. You can adjust the settings of the video from the Video Format toolbar. Using the settings, you can be sure that videos play the way you want it. You can change many settings like if you want to play in full screen or start the video automatically.

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After adding the video, you can preview the presentation to make sure your video is playing the way you want.

Embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint

You can also embed a YouTube link to your PowerPoint presentation. So you do not have to worry about selecting the videos from your computer, you can now select the videos from all the videos from YouTube. Also, you can select the videos from other video streaming services also.

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If you are using Powerpoint 365 then it is very simple to add YouTube. You just have to click on the Insert Video button and the Online Video. Now insert the web address for the video that you want to add from YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, or Stream. 

Note: As you are adding the video from the internet, you will need active internet connection.

If you are using PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 on a PC then you have to follow the steps below for embedding the video from YouTube.

1. Once you choose a video for your presentation click on the share button located below the video frame, and then click on Embed button.

2. You will be presented with the Embed code, you have to copy this code. Make sure that you are using embed code, it will start with<iframe width.

3. Once the code is copied go to PowerPoint and then select the slide in which you want to add the video.

4. Now click on the Insert button. This will also help you to add different objects to your presentation.

5. Now click on the Video and then click on Online Video. You have to choose Video from the Website if you are using PowerPoint 2019 or earlier.

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6. Now for entering the code you just have copied you have to click on Paste Embed Code Here and then paste embed code you copied. 

Note: If using PowerPoint 2010, you will see Insert Video from the Website.

7. Now select the video and then click on the Playback button.

8. Now you have to click on the start menu to select how to play the video. You have to select this option as your video will not play if you do not select this option.

That’s it your video will be embedded and you just have to play the video. Note: Make sure that you are connected to the internet before playing video embedded from the internet.

Some tips for elevating your PowerPoint Presentation using the video.

  • Make videos on the point make your script clear: You are making videos instead of list and content, therefore, make sure that your videos are on point.
  • Colour combination make it more engaging: Make sure that you are choosing colours that pop. 


Videos provide a great way of passing the information and you can add the videos to your Powerpoint Presentations and make them more presentable. Also, you can add the videos easily, the steps we have listed can easily be performed for adding the video to your PowerPoint Presentation.

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