Growth in Online Shopping Brings New Line of Work for Many People and Sectors

Growth in Online Shopping

The Internet is a worldwide communication which is frequently being utilize as an innovative tool for bartering products and services. The internet grants many benefits over traditional shopping ways; and this means it is a competing threat to traditional local shops. Across the world, buyers are swiftly embracing Internet shopping & online shopping from top online websites.

In a nutshell, online shopping constitutes of the online buyer, trading administrator (manage commodities), cash processing arrangement, stockroom secretary (meet the requirement of an order) & stockroom supervisor (maintains inventory). Online markets give services like member accounts, checkout & payment, customer-friendly marketing (stock ratings & reviews), & purchasing safety. There are also particular features like merchandise features, ratings & reviews that are necessary to assure buyers about the quality of merchandise & convince them to buy. Amazon, eBay, & Alibaba are some famous and top instances of the most extensive online retailing businesses.

Mobile shopping through smartphones is especially widespread in Asia. As of 2018, Indonesia had been the best digital business country. It is based on the portion of the population who had purchased something through the smartphone in the preceding month with about three-fourths of the population having done so. China, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam made it to the top of the list.

Online shopping is a platform wherein individuals buy items & services at once from the entrepreneur.

E-shopping is a kind of computerized enterprise that allows shoppers to straight away purchase commodities or service through a seller on the internet with the help of search engines. Customers obtain a product that they prefer by going through the website of the market straight or by choosing amongst the list of several merchants. 

Online Shopping Jobs

Growth of shopping in the last five years has been phenomenal, which has thrown open thousands of job opportunities. Online shopping is not a place only for shopping, buying commodities, or any service. But, it is also a place that provides online shopping jobs to people. 

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Below is the list of some jobs that are provided on the online shopping platforms:

Delivery Executive

  • The person holding this responsibility will have to deliver the products that the customers have ordered.
  • They will have to go door-to-door to provide the customers with their product.
  • He will be responsible for being careful while loading and unloading deliveries like mobile phones, crockeries, televisions, etc.

Work from home (Adviser)

  • The main task of the Advisor is related to Voice Tasks.
  • The Advisor has to take calls over telephone or mobile that includes working in any time zones.
  • There is no boundary of working in shifts.
  • Excellent technical understanding.
  • The Advisor must have plenty of knowledge of mobile apps & online shopping/entities & types.

Rapid growth in Online Shopping

For the first time, according to the reports in 2016, buyers say they have purchased a maximum of their purchases online than in-stores; as per the yearly study of above five thousand e-shoppers, by United Parcel Service Inc.

As per online shopping growth statistics, the buyers had made 51% of their shopping through the web with 48% in 2015 & 47% in 2014, as per the study by UPS & analytics firm ComScore Inc. And most of the items they have done online shopping are either fashion clothes or beauty products.

In the year 2016, 44% of smartphone users told that they made shopping from their mobiles, up from 41% a year ago, according to online shopping growth statistics. It has further explained why retailers are facing so much difficulty in aligning themselves to the modern cyber shopping period.

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The customers stated that only 20% of their procurement were made in a store in the traditional way. So, Amazon – the WSJ survey proclaims that on more survey reveals that Amazon is accountable for 60% of the rise. In the United States alone, eCommerce trades are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023.

The above statements shows the Growth of Online Shopping

Below are some of the interpretations of the leading analytics regarding online shopping:

(1) 43% of worldwide buyers search for the entities online through social networking sites:

By the launching of so many social business tools — for example, checkout on Instagram — the industry has observed an increase in the power of social media. 

(2) Clothing is the leading Online Shopping Vertical:

Apparels are the leading online category in consumer preference. 59% of U.S. buyers bought clothes online between the second quarter of 2018 & 2019, which clearly shows the growth of online shopping in the last 5 years. Books, movies, music & games, shoes, and buyer’s electronics demand are falling close behind.

(3) eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023.

It is estimated that by 2023, most of the retail stores, around 22%, will sell online, which makes clear the growth of online shopping. This estimation was made after seeing that in the year 2019, 14.1% of the worldwide retail stores were purchased by the online shopping sites and business sites!

(4) The second quarter of the year 2019 had 4.2% increment as compared to that of the first quarter. 

U.S. e-businesses are undergoing high rated growth. As seasonal changes are always something to take care of, this analytics shows there is a uniform increase in the eCommerce market.

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(5) eCommerce accounts for about 11% of all retail sales

11% might now appear small when you estimate how wide the subject of eCommerce has become in the last few years. This analytics is a symbol of good health as a part of ecommerce sales continues to rise in the local stores’ space. You can assume this percentage to grow in the coming years exponentially.

(6) Amazon, Google, and Facebook remain some of the biggest companies online.

With small to no wonder, businesses such as Amazon, Google & Facebook take precedence in the electronic era. Though they conventionally do not give business solutions, these businesses are concentrating more on the reformation in the business place. Omnichannel approaches become more critical to developing corporations and the leading internet firms are benefiting from the opportunity to be leaders in the business world. A note of caution: Dealers must ensure that the payment gateway is secured and keeps privacy information intact.

Just like the other things in life, there are positives & negatives with marketing online. Marketing online remain an ideal platform to buy for several things.


To sum up, nobody can deny “The growth of online shopping has greatly improved life for the consumer”. This has made our purchases, more comfortable & smooth.

Technology has created notable growth over the years to give buyers a more enjoyable online purchasing practice. By increased online shopping activity from e-commerce stores, statistics show online purchasing overtaking in-store purchasing.

The availability of online purchasing has resulted in an informed buyer; who could buy around with relevant comfort without the need to invest a large amount of time. In the end, it has been a win-win condition for both buyers & traders.

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