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Bookzz Alternative Premium

E-Books are the digital form of books design to ease the reader’s experience by increasing the accessibility, portability, and reducing the cost. It is also easy to download e-books as there are a plethora of sites on the internet; one such site is

Technology in recent days has progressed to a stupendous level. We have a variety of e-books available on the internet that can be download. Also, can be read just like physical book. In fact, an e-book is more convenient as one can easily carry a trunk-load of books in their laptop, mobile, or any other storage device

What makes special?

Bookzz is a website that contains millions of books, novels, and articles that are available for free. If one is fond of reading books frequently, this is the website to stop by. This site helps the reader to get any desire book for free of cost. If you are reading a lot of books online you must need some blue light filter for windows to keep your eyes safe for PC blu rays.

The downloadable book file from this website is in PDF format and can be easily accessible in any device. But, in recent time, due to some unfortunate legal issue, the sites’ server had shut down. Although it reverted back with a different domain, it’s unstable, and hence it is advisable to find an website to bookzz alternative.

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Alternative for the

Library Genesis

An alternative site for is Library Genesis, which contains millions of e-books separated into different categories based on the genre i.e., Sci-Tech, Fiction, Comics, Standards, Magazines, and Scientific articles. It can also be filter based on the language, year, author, series, and publisher. This site is ideal for the people with specific genre and author preferences to find the book of their choice. The site can be access by using the link:


It is initially known as Project Gutenberg and contain over 60,000 e-books that had free epub and Kindle eBooks. The benefit of this site is that you can either download or read a book online. This site contains the rarest of the rare novels. Therefore this is the best site to find antique books or books with the copyrights that are no longer available. The site can be access using the link:

Many books

This site has been establish in the year 2004 with a variety of genres. Many of the early E-Books are from the archive of the site Project Gutenberg, which indicate a lot of classics that can be found on this site in addition to the extra E-Books, which are being added regularly. Over a couple of years since its inception, this website ceased its operations but returned with a new IP similar to Unlike, it is much stable now and can be use as a reliable source to download E-Books. Access the site with link:

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Open Library

It is yet another viable alternative to the, but the user has to create an account to access the E-Books. One can join the forum discussion in the general area where they can get wonderful suggestions about the quality and content of the desired books from other users. It also contains a massive amount of specialized publication, and hence this website is more helpful for the technical student than the one’s searching for novels. Link to the site is:

Book boon

This site is a true blessing for the people with arts and trade background. If there is any textbook that isn’t available, this site is the best choice. This site is more useful for class books within academic purposes with the course, career & guidance in subjects like economics, finance, and speech, etc. To download an E-Book from this site, one must be a registered member. Any of the book can be download in 4 simple steps. You can visit the site using the link:


As the site book boon is for the people who are pursuing arts and finance. This site is for people mainly focus on mathematics. Many and many articles written by the mathematics scientists have been publish on this website. Over more than 50 thousand study paper, this site is among the top site for the people liked in technology and science. Visit the site here:

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Any Books

There’s an app called “Any books” in the play store and apple store for the people who are more inclined towards mobile phone reading. It contains various e-books based on the genre and year of publication. Based on the books one adds to the shelf; this app suggests the new books. It is available for free in the play store and apple store.


This site for e-book create a huge sensation when it was released. This is mostly preferred as an alternative for these days in very less time due to additional new advance features. Those who do not enjoy reading can develop a habit of reading by browsing through this site as it has much interesting stuff to see. Go through the site here:

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