Best Ways For Facebook Page Monetization

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

Most of the Facebook pages are created with a motive and concept. But, then you see that the page owners, after getting the appropriate audience start monetizing their page. Well, it is not something to frown upon; as Facebook Page Monetization is now considered as one of the major ways to earn money using digital means. 

If you are running a Facebook page and it has established an adequate fan following; then it’s time for you to go for Facebook Page Monetization. There are many ways to make money by using this approach. As a matter of fact, starting up with a Facebook page and then building a monetized site via it, is much easier than starting up a site and then launching a Facebook page to gain traffic over the site. 

Some Approaches To Monetize Facebook Page

Although there are many different ways for Facebook monetization. We have compiled the top nine most effective ways for monetizing your Facebook page.

Conduct Your sites’ optimization for Mobile Devices

We are living in Mobile first era, be it social media or emails or even payment transfer. People tends to carry out every digital activity over their mobile phones. Besides, most of the traffic that browses Facebook daily is actually the mobile traffic. 

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So if you are using your Facebook page to publish links that connect the audience to your external site, it is very important for your site to be optimized for mobile phones and smart devices. The more your site seeks the attention of smart phone users, the more chances are there for your success & capitalization. Having a responsive site is an effective way to direct your Facebook audience to your site. It is just the matter of ensuring best user experience. 

Sell your Virtual Content Directly

It is the easiest and simplest way to make money via Facebook. Let’s take an example; you want to sell your E-book. You can sell it directly via your Facebook page. This would not help only in monetization but would also keep your audience engaged. 

Direct Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Forums

This is another trending yet effective way to make money by marketing content or product over Facebook. But this approach basically requires you to be a part of an affiliate network. If your Facebook page has an extensive audience, you can market the affiliate products to a big audience. Thats’ what big brands look for! 

It is an easy and smart way to earn as the affiliate networks have an in-built tracking system. It lets them know that using whose link the customer has bought the product. 

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Make use of Facebook App Store

There are many Facebook commerce apps, pick one and use it to your best! However, over the past years, these apps have lost their charm and effectiveness. They are not that popular these days, but that does not mean you can’t use such apps.

Make use of Website to sell Products

This is the same concept, as mentioned earlier. You can setup your own digital storefront to sell your products and you have two possible options in this regard: 

  • Set up a hosted solution 
  • Make use of an eCommerce system 

The eCommerce system is a bit expensive. But, it provides you room for extensive customization and is also a better approach for SEO in the long run. Besides, you must go for paid Facebook ads to get more revenue generation. 

Launch Exclusive Facebook Offers to Market your Products

Posting promotional content and key features of products for sale is mainstream. But, to have an adequate Facebook Page Monetization strategy, you need to incentivize the traffic and conversions. To achieve this, you need to introduce some unique offers. 

The process is quite simple. Just create an offer for a limited time over your site but promote it on your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can go for Facebook ads to market your offers. 

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Products Selling via a Third Party Service

This is the most convenient approach for beginners who don’t have big capital to invest but are also very creative. All it needs is to create art pieces that are trending too like phone cases, print shirts, etc. & sell via third party services. This is how many Facebook pages are monetizing their pages. 

Promote Local Events

If your page’s focus on a specific geographical area, then you must engage and involve local brands. Besides, you can also opt for promotion of local events, this way you could increase your organic reach and following. Moreover, at any local event happening you can setup your representative counter or vendor to sell and market your products. 

Grow a Page and use it to Sell your Services

You have a Facebook page and it has achieved a success level in terms of fan following, you can now use your forum to sell your services. 

Establish a steady stream of income with your social media with these smart Facebook Page Monetization techniques!

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