7 Creative Ideas for Easy Jewelry Organization

For any lady, amassing a stunning collection of one of a kind gold plated jewelry can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. But after you’ve selected and purchased the items that most closely reflect your taste and personality, you need to consider how and where to store them.

Making sure your jewelry is stored properly will help it last longer and make it easier for you to locate the pieces you need.

Creative Ideas for Easy Jewelry Organization

1. The First is Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Which of them has the greatest gold plated jewelry display case? Putting jokes aside, have you ever thought about storing your jewels in a wall mounted mirror? Either make one yourself or purchase one that has already been produced in a store or online.

You’ll need brass or copper wire and super glue to make your mirror/jewelry stand. Put some glue on the wire, then begin hanging your Gold plated necklace, earrings, gold plated rings, and bracelets from the bottom of the mirror frame.

2. Be flexible

You will adore this concept if you are. To keep your bangles and necklace, use empty toilet paper rolls. Let us explain how you can do this before you scoff at the idea.

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Once you have a few empty toilet paper rolls, simply embellish them by painting or wrapping them in brightly colored paper. After that, pack your necklace and bracelets around the rolls and tuck them snugly inside a tiny box. And there you have it your custom jewelry box is finished!

3. A Supportive Hand

The hand is the greatest place to keep your jewelry. We’re referring to a false hand. Place each ring into a finger of a miniature wooden, plastic, or brass hand sculpture.

Then, position your hand near a dressing table or another location where you store your other gold plated jewelry storage boxes so you can keep everything in one location. Pretty.

4. Use an Egg Tray Creatively

You could check around your home for old items that you no longer use as one of the first steps in coming up with creative ways to store jewelry. How many of those things can truly recycled, repurposed, and made into amazing gold-plated jewelry storage boxes will surprise you.

5. Present Your Jewelry

A means to display them and have them all in front of you is necessary if you want to be able to swiftly and simply locate the piece of jewelry you’re seeking each time. Nothing works better in this situation than a hanging storage option. Why not use a real clothes hanger instead?

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All you need to do is put some tiny hooks to the bottom of it, hang it on the wall and then add all your necklaces, earrings, gold plated rings, and bracelets. From now on, finding what you need will be simple.

6. Do Your Drawers a Favor

To dedicate one drawer to your jewelry collection, you don’t need to purchase one of those expensive (and princess-like) dressing tables. Any drawer will suffice, whether it be in your bathroom or bedroom.

Once you’ve found the ideal drawer, start organizing and cleaning up your jewelry collection by purchasing one of those very affordable, readily available organizers with multiple compartments.

7. Easy and Ingenious Jewelry Storage Ideas

Anyone wishing to organize and add some order to their jewelry collection is sure to love our straightforward but extremely creative storage solutions.

Keeping your jewelry organized and consistent offers several advantages, including the life of your diamonds and making it simple to locate everything you need.

And don’t forget to check out our website if you’re looking for some fresh, gorgeous things to add to your collection. We have a stunning selection of necklace, bracelets, gold plated rings, and more that will astound you.

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