Palm Jumeirah Beach

Palm Jumeirah: An Outstanding Palm-Shaped Project in Dubai

You simply can’t ignore Palm Jumeirah when talking about luxurious property in Dubai. It’s present in the center of the city and offers every living amenity one can think of. The palm-shaped... Read more »
Smart Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Site

10 Smart Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Ecommerce Site Performance

Did you get frustrated by waiting in line to purchase a product from a store? How many times did you leave the store without a purchase? Convincing people to buy a product... Read more »
Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning

Knowledge Graphs & Machine Learning: The Future Of AI

The unprecedented explosion in the amount of information we are generating and collecting, thanks to the arrival of the internet and the always-online society, powers all the incredible advances we see today... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence & Robotics?

While there continues to be confusion about the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, they are two separate fields of technology and engineering. However, when combined, you get an artificially intelligent robot... Read more »
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Burberry: Driving Success Using Big Data and AI

With 500 stores in 50 countries, Burberry is one of the best-known luxury fashion brands in the world. The British label has been busy reinventing itself as an “end to end” digital... Read more »
Google’s Deep Mind

All about Google’s Deep Mind: A Human-like Characteristics

The AI has learned to play chess in ways hitherto seen by grandmasters One of DeepMind’s projects, AlphaZero, has broken new ground once again by learning to play chess like a human... Read more »

FaceApp Row: UK watchdog monitoring privacy concerns

Information Commissioner’s Office says people should check how apps use their data The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is considering allegations that FaceApp, the face-ageing photo app that has gone viral, is misusing... Read more »

Most Classic & Beautiful UK Trips Using Public Transport

Trains in hidden valleys, scenic bus routes, fun ferry rides … many journeys are better by public transport. Kevin Rushby plots exciting itineraries for the carefree and car-free With a car, most... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence 2019

The State Of Artificial Intelligence In 2019

A look at what’s happening now in UK businesses and public services and what’s just around the corner The following is an edited version of a Computing Delta research keynote delivered at... Read more »

20 of the Best Campsites In The UK & Europe

Many sites are off-limits to those without a vehicle, but there are plenty of small scenic sites in the UK and Europe that can be reached by bus and train. North York... Read more »